Buongiorno is an artist who prefers to be known under a pseudonym like Banksy. The influence of Venetian art, together with his interest in architecture,art history, and the human environment, shows a strong presence in his artwork. With his belief that the past embodied in the architectural heritage provides the sort of environment indispensable to a balanced and complete life, his work encompasses cities and daily life in them. According to him the architectural heritage provides a wealth of material for explaining and comparing forms and styles and their applications. Today, when visual appreciation and first-hand experience play a decisive role, it is essential to keep alive the evidence of past achievements in a modern art form.


His work grew out of city streets and squares, reflecting his view that the architectural heritage is a capital of irreplaceable spiritual, cultural, social, and economic value. By portraying the historic heritage, he is unlocking the traditional approach to "vedute art" used in Canaletto’s etchings of the 18th century in a new form. But with his artworks being created in the 21st century, Buongiorno is successively exploring the connections between art, technology, and history, remaining unphased in creating an aesthetic, poetic, and visual experience.


With the emphasis on the dramatic effect of the artwork, the artist chooses a 'classic' light French Sienna neutral background, adding a sketch look that, together with intricate, repeated use of the third colour, produces rich textures with bold and sometimes softer "vernis mou" style contrasts of light and shadow. Basically, the artist is stripping a photo and building a new artwork on a skeleton. Thereby, he is creating a symbiosis between photography and fine art.


While photorealism is a genre of painting that resembles a photograph, Buongiorno takes a different approach. The artist follows the aesthetic principles of photorealism, but instead of creating a photo-like painting, he does the opposite. By transforming a photo into a monochrome form and adding a "hint or a splash of colour," he is creating a new modern creation. He joins a reactionary movement stemming from the ever-increasing and overwhelming abundance of photographic media, which has grown into such a massive phenomenon that it is threatening to lessen the value of imagery in art.


Culture, artists, memory, and heritage are priority targets to erase the souls of people and countries through inhuman exaction. With the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the world has suddenly become tense and bipolar, similar to the period before the devastating WWI at the beginning of the 20th century. The artist's latest collection is dedicated to Ukraine and its brave nation. It is not about the war itself; it is about the catastrophe that people are going through and the preservation of their national heritage and culture.

Limited Edition

There are a limited number of artworks for sale. All the Giclée prints on archival paper are collectible limited edition prints. To increase the collecting value, each edition is limited, hand-signed, numbered, and dated. For each purchased edition, one artist proof, E.A. (‘épreuve d'artiste’), is printed to review and adjust colour, contrast, and saturation. These prints are kept by the artist as a record in an archival box. Artwork is shipped in a large mailing tube. Recommended frame size is 50 by 70 cm .


The artist's oeuvre consists of several collections, cycles of artwork to mention some:

Streets of Europe
Paris Bleu
Eternal Rome
Royal London
Venezia Serenissima
Firenze Rossa
Angkor Legacy
Facets of Siam
and others.


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